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 The Spotlight Can Change Everything

-Liya Kebede

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Making Talent Shine Bright


OMAC Talent Management has become home to the best talent in Lehigh Valley, PA. We provide professional training through one-on-one coaching sessions and workshops. We also offer representation in the Tri-State area with special focus in New York City, Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley. We exist to lead your talent in the right direction with real opportunities to help boost your career in the industry of modeling and acting.  Our approach is to always be transparent and professional when working with models and actors..  Contact us to book your casting appointment. 




For Models and Actors

The Right Way

Are you looking for your big break in the modeling industry? This service benefits both our models and our clients. Our impressive connections with the modeling and entertainment industry help give our rising stars the support they need to escalate their career. Swing by our offices or get in touch today to learn more.

OMAC Talent Management helps talent to book real modeling and acting opportunities connecting talent and Clients. We know that great service begins with personalized attention and guidance every step of the way. That's the reason we follow up with our talent to keep professional all social media platforms.  Learn more about the great benefits of working with us! 


PROFESSIONAL Portfolio Creation

Oscar Modeling and Acting Coaching System

Build your portfolio with us !

At OMAC Talent Management, we take pride in the exceptional and personalized training we offer to all of our talented models and actors. Above all, our flexibility allows us to take on a large variety of workshops and real hands on opportunities this is how we’ve turned into a respected modeling agency well-established, and highly connected in the industry. Contact us now !

The modeling portfolio and comp-cards is what will get you signed by our modeling agency and hired by clients.

A great modeling portfolio is a collection of 6 to 20 photographs, that show your ability as a model. What does that mean? It means that when you appear in an ad, or on a billboard, or in a TV commercial, you won’t be appearing as yourself. They won’t be showing  your name. You will be acting portraying a character. The portfolio needs to show what you are capable of (6 – 12 photos for a new model and no more than 20 for an experienced model) In short, the modeling portfolio is not about  you. It is about what  you can be.  Lets us guide you with our expertise and professional experience.  

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